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Nathan Carter offers tickets to fan who had windows broken after playing Wagon Wheel non-stop

By Nevin Farrell

Country star Nathan Carter has offered free tickets to a super-fan who had had windows broken in a flat for non-stop playing of 'Wagon Wheel'.

Carter spoke out after a claim in court that a Coleraine man smashed the windows of a neighbour who played the song repeatedly.

Stephen John Leighton (53) appeared at the town's Magistrates Court on Monday following his less then neighbourly reaction after he had heard the song one too many times.

The court heard Leighton snapped one Sunday night in January when the neighbour in a flat above played Wagon Wheel over.

The defendant stormed up a communal stairwell shouting: "If I hear Wagon Wheel one more time I'm going to break that stereo" before banging on his neighbour's door and breaking two windows.

Carter has now stepped forward and offered the super fan tickets to one of his shows.

Speaking on the Anton Savage Show on Today FM radio on Wednesday, the country superstar defended his music and said: "It's obviously a pretty serious story but I couldn't help but laugh that someone had been outraged by this song so much that they'd take the law into their own hands.

"But the poor man had his property broken and obviously he's a big fan so I said I must hunt him out and give him a few tickets so we've sorted him out and he's going to come along to the show.

"To be fair, there are probably a lot of people who don't like that song but I know there are a lot of people who do, I'm very lucky about that, but I'd say if you play any song on repeat 24 hours a day it would be annoying."

Nathan himself earlier had make a cheeky reference to the 'front page news' on his Twitter page.

Stephen Leighton's barrister Francis Rafferty had said that his client had been subjected to repeated playing of the song "on the night in question and for some time beforehand", and considered it "some sort of psychological torture."

Mr Rafferty claimed that after Leighton had threatened to break his neighbour's stereo, the song was "played more loudly and more repetitively".

Leighton, who had a criminal record, received a suspended prison sentence of four months and was ordered to pay £200 to repair damage caused to his neighbour's windows.

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