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National Trust denies pressure to include creationism at Giant’s Causeway

By Linda Stewart

The National Trust has denied that it was pressurised to include creationist material in its Giant’s Causeway visitor centre to receive a £10m Stormont grant.

Concerns were raised after an email emerged suggesting that the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment and Northern Ireland Tourist Board had made the inclusion of creationist material in the attraction a pre-condition of receiving the grant.

When the centre opened this summer, one exhibit controversially referred to debate over the origins of the Causeway, which creationists believe cannot be more than 6,000 years old.

But the exhibit was altered earlier this month after public pressure on the National Trust, which stated that it supported the scientific view of its formation.

A National Trust spokesperson said: “The National Trust was not requested to accept a funding condition requiring the inclusion of creationist interpretation at the Giants Causeway.”

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