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National Trust urges Northern Ireland people to take a hike

By Ann W Schmidt

It might sound cheeky, but the National Trust's latest message to Northern Ireland has a serious point - take a hike.

The trust has published a new booklet that highlights 18 different walks around the province.

The Little Book of Great Walks covers a variety of landscapes and splits them into six themes - including water's edge, woodland and history. The booklet marks how long each walk will take and rates each location by difficulty.

National Trust Coast and Countryside manager Andrew Upton said they created the booklet this year to get people out and about.

"There's a lot of evidence to show that by getting out in the fresh air there are physical and mental health benefits," he said.

The walks in the booklet were chosen so there would be a site close to people anywhere in Northern Ireland. The sites include Giant's Causeway, Mount Stewart and the Argory.

"There's such a variety of landscapes," Mr Upton said. "There's something for everyone."

The booklet is free of charge and can be found online or in print at specific National Trust sites.

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