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Neglected, starving and flea-ridden, beautiful Alaskan Malamute dogs now bouncing back to health

Bl Claire Williamson

More than 20 beautiful Alaskan Malamute dogs were in a dire state after they were neglected – but just look at them now.

The dogs all belonged to the same breeder in Co Antrim.

Twenty-three of the canines were taken in by two rescue centres over the past weeks – Benvardin Kennels (Bark) in Ballymoney and Alaskan Malamute Rescue in England.

More than 10 were taken in by Bark, and the charity says they were all extremely underweight, riddled with fleas and covered in urine and faeces which had soaked their fur.

Charity co-ordinator Sean McIntyre said: "Ballymoney council approached us last year and told us about the dogs and the conditions they were living in and if there was any away we could help.

"What we agreed with the owners was that we would take in four dogs at a time, rehome them and then take in another four."

Around four weeks ago the owner of the dogs returned to Bark asking for more animals to be taken in.

Sean said: "The owner of the dogs came to us begging us to take in six dogs.

"There's no doubt about it, these dogs were abandoned.

"He was going to go and leave the dogs if we didn't take them.

"He came back an hour later with eight dogs, all of them totally emaciated and thin.

"One of the dogs had to be completely shaved because it was so badly matted."

Now their future is looking brighter – and one called Gertie has given birth to three pups.

But they aren't ready to be rehomed yet.

"When they were being fed, the owner used to throw the food like chicken feed across the floor," Sean said.

"The first night we set a bowl of food down they tipped the bowl and ate it off the ground – they had no human interaction whatsoever."

This week Bark intervened again when two huskies appeared to have been abandoned.

After discussions with the animal welfare officer, Bark asked the police to accompany its staff to rescue the animals.

On Tuesday, the animals were signed over to the care of the charity and will now be looked after and eventually rehomed.


Benvardin Kennels (Bark) is appealing for help.

Because of the recent upsurge in animals needing care, Benvardin Kennels needs help in raising money to pay for vet bills.

You can contact Benvardin on 07518 370478 from 9am-6pm daily or visit

The kennels are closed on Mondays.

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