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Neighbours cast thank Portstewart fans for theme tune routine


Paul Robinson, played by Stefan Dennis, is a Ramsay Street veteran

Paul Robinson, played by Stefan Dennis, is a Ramsay Street veteran

Paul Robinson, played by Stefan Dennis, is a Ramsay Street veteran

The cast of Australian television show Neighbours have sent greetings to residents of a Portstewart housing estate who sing and dance to the theme tune every morning.

Residents of Castleton Park in the seaside town started gathering outside their homes to cheer up Dorothy Lennox, who lives on the street and was struggling with isolation during the coronavirus outbreak.

A video of the new tradition has now made its way to Australia and caught the attention of the long-running soap's cast.

Speaking to the BBC's Newsline programme, Ms Lennox said: "I knocked [her neighbour] Elizabeth's door one morning because I felt down and depressed and said to her 'come on out here and dance with me for the NHS'.

"So she came out and she and I danced. We had no music or anything, we just danced and that is how it all started," said Dorothy.

The residents step out of their houses at 10.30am every morning to sing and dance to various songs, always finishing on the Neighbours theme tune.

Resident Sarah-Jane Robertson said they all pick different songs every day but the Neighbours theme tune "just fitted".

"It sort of became our theme tune and we just finish with it every single day", she said.

In the video actor Stefan Dennis, who plays Paul Robinson in the hit Australian soap, thanked Castleton Park for their support and asked them to "keep on staying safe".

"To all the wee folk of Castleton Park in Portstewart, this one's for you," he said.

The video included clips from well-known cast members dancing and waving to their fans in Portstewart.

They included actor Alan Fletcher, who plays Karl Kennedy, and Jackie Woodburne who plays his ex-wife Susan Kennedy and who is originally from Carrickfergus.

Dorothy Lennox said it was a shock to receive the message.

"It was brilliant," she said.

"It is wonderful to think that they would be thinking of a wee town like ours and send a video through of their cast. It was very, very special - something we will always remember."

She paid tribute to the other residents of Castleton Park.

"All good neighbours. They would not let you down at any time," she said.

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