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Neil says yes in front of 11,000 fans

By Laura Abernethy

Getting down on one knee is nerve-racking enough without your idol standing beside you and 11,000 people watching.

Hayley Consuegra (34) unexpectedly ended up on stage beside Adele on Monday night as the star kicked off her long-awaited world tour in Belfast.

With the first night falling on February 29 - a day when women can propose to their partners - Adele set out to make the night extra special for one couple.

Towards the end of the gig, she asked if anyone wanted to come up on stage to propose and Hayley found her way to the front to ask partner Neil Pringle (47) to marry her.

The couple, who have been together for 10 years, had travelled from Edinburgh to Belfast to see their favourite singer and to celebrate their anniversary.

They had gone out for a romantic meal earlier in the evening and had been talking about their future. Although they both agreed they wanted to get married, they thought it would be a while before a wedding.

Hayley said: "We'd had a conversation over dinner about our future and Neil had said that he knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. We'd made our intentions clear but it was more of a case of 'some time'.

"I put my hand up but didn't expect to be picked. Next I knew I was being pulled over the railings."

Hayley told Adele and the crowd they'd been talking about marriage earlier in the day and he'd said "maybe in a little while".

Calling him out in the audience, Adele yelled: "You need to say a proper yes, bruv. You have to say yes" and encouraged the crowd to chant "Come on, Neil".

After a little bit of persuasion, Neil nodded and Hayley left the stage to celebrate with her new fiancée. "We're over the Moon and our families are so happy. It's about time," Hayley added.

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