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'Neknomination' drinking game: Judge apologises after filmed downing shot in 'neck nomination'

By John Mulgrew

A Northern Ireland judge has apologised after she was filmed downing a shot and saying 'neck and nominate' as part of a drinking craze sweeping across social media.

Judge Rosemary Watters was filmed drinking a shot on camera.

She has since said she would "discourage anyone else" from repeating it.

It's the latest instance of the 'neknomination' game to hit the headlines.

The game - which originally began in Australia - involves social media users 'downing' a drink on camera, before nominating a friend to do the same.

A second death in the Republic has already been linked to the online drinking game.

On Tuesday, the Lord Chief Justice's Office issued a statement regarding Rosemary Watters.

"The video was taken at a family event. Judge Watters recognises her foolish behaviour and would discourage anyone else from repeating what she did," it said.

Facebook users around the world have been playing the game, with dozens of video stunts appearing across the site in recent days.

Over 10,000 Facebook users 'liked' or indicated their support for a local page since it was set up last Tuesday.

However, yesterday those behind it said it would be discontinued and will instead run as an alcohol awareness page on the social networking site.

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