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Nelson Cheung murder: five still facing quiz

By Staff Reporter

Detectives from Serious Crime Branch have been granted an extension to question five of the six people currently in custody in connection with the murder of Nelson Cheung.

The 65-year-old Chinese takeaway owner from Ballymena was stabbed to death in Randalstown last week.

Detective Chief Inspector Eamon Corrigan said: "We have been granted extra time to question two females age 16 and 32 and three males aged 14, 32 and 33 years.

"The sixth person, a man aged 25 years, also remains in custody at this time."

Mr Cheung was with his wife Winnie (57) travelling along the Caddy Road towards Ballymena in the early hours of Thursday last week when a gang forced their vehicle to stop before stealing the takings from the couple's Double Value takeaway in Randalstown.

During the robbery Mr Cheung was stabbed to death, with some reports saying he had his throat cut.

His wife also suffered injuries.

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