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Networking key to Derry's future story

International networking in the US and Canada is a priority in the run up to Londonderry’s City of Culture year of 2013.

Derry City Council chief executive Sharon O’Connor made the claim after a visit to California as part of the city’s international road show programme in association with the Clipper 11-12 International Yacht Race.

Meeting with business, civic and diaspora representatives in San Francisco, the council boss said the enthusiasm with which the city was received indicated the potential for developing international connections in the run-up to 2013.

“Keeping the city connected internationally is a real legacy from the NI 2012 and City of Culture 2013 programme and our connection through the Clipper ports of call in the USA and Canada will help bring the city’s story of change and investment to this international and enthusiastic audience,” she said.

Accompanying Ms O’Connor, Mark Nagurski of Derry’s Digital Champion, told the Londonderry Sentinel: “There is no doubt that the progress we have made this week could only be accomplished face-to-face and I’m looking forward to making similar inroads as part of the Clipper stop in New York this June.”

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