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'Never mind 11% for politicians, what about 2% for the nurses?'

We asked members of the public what they think of the MLAs' pay rise

1 Daniel McManus, Belfast, retail manager

"No, I am not delighted about this increase. Everyone deserves a proper wage for a good job that they do but 11% at this time of cutbacks especially in the public service? Why are they benefiting so much? I wouldn't mind if it was in line with inflation. I think there should be a cap put on it. There is a cap on every one else's. Nurses have had no pay increase in two years and they deserve it. I am having to negotiate reductions and having to let young people go."

2 Nikita Armstrong, Belfast, software engineer. In her first job and has never had a pay increase, but considers that she is well paid as a recent graduate.

"I don't think they should have gotten the increase in pay. It should have gone to the constituency service expenses because the constituency workers are the ones that will lose out now."

3 Mairead Carberry, Enniskillen, nurse

"Never mind the 11% - give 2% to the nurses. They are closing hospital beds and taking nurses off wards. This money should be used for health services."

4 Colin Houston, Belfast, preacher

"I think they should give it to charity given the economic climate that's about at the minute. I'm not saying they are not doing a good job, they are doing a good job but they need to be moving quicker. If it was on a results basis, if they were managing a football club, they wouldn't be there. They could be doing more work in the communities and there isn't enough of that going on."

5 Billy Gillen, Belfast, retired

"They shouldn't be getting it. If they did the work for it you wouldn't mind so much. They are always telling everyone else to pull up their socks, and while they are taking the 11% they are talking about the hospitals."

6 Phillip McConnell, Belfast, street vendor earning £6.08 per hour minimum wage. Last increase was when min wage rose from £6.

"I don't agree with it at all. With the country being in such a recession 2% or 3% would be OK, but not 11%.

7 Colm Timlin, Omagh, distribution manager. Was promoted five months ago but his previous salary increase was three years earlier.

"The MLAs haven't had an increase for a long time, isn't that so? You can see why they are getting one now. It is an independent commission that has given it to them."

8 Lilian Bleakley, Newtownards

"They are not worth it. It should have stayed as it was. They don't do enough for what they get. They are too busy with things that don't matter."

9 Dean McKenzie, Enniskillen, politics student

"Personally I think it's grand to be honest. If you look back on Northern Ireland 15 years ago, no amount of pay would have gotten the peace we have now. They are doing a good job. Now they need to move on the economy and get that on its strength and once they are doing that then who cares if they are lining their pockets."

10 Nikita McKibbin, Newtownabbey, sales clerk

"I think people with proper jobs, like doctors, deserve more."

11 Yasmin Hendawy, Carrickfergus, A-level student

"They shouldn't get a raise, they don't deserve it. They are supposed to be helping society. It is a raise for nothing."

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