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New Belfast logo revealed - what do you think and can you do better?

By Jonathan Bell

Belfast council is to launch a new logo to promote the city, it has been revealed.

The Stephen Nolan Radio Ulster show revealed the new brand design for the city that the council is set to roll out in the coming weeks.

It features a blocky representation of the geographical outline of the city in red with 'Belfast' writ large through the centre. The colour of the logo is changeable and has been used with various different iconic images of the city. The new George Best Hotel is one of the first places to use it which features an image of the footballer in the map.

The council said the design project had a budget of £50,000. It could not specify the exact cost as the contract was still ongoing but said it would come in on budget.

The statement behind the logo is "energy unleashed". It will gradually replace the old Belfast 'B' brand, the council has said and will be used in a range of different locations.

Councillor Jim Rodgers described the new design as "wonderful" and that all 60 councillors were behind it. Speaking on the Nolan show, he reminded listeners that the old logo was disliked to begin with but ultimately it was a success.

"No matter what the council tries to do to promote the city, there are some that like to knock," he said.

"The new logo is very good value for money."

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Councillor Rodgers said the old Belfast 'B' brand was tired and people had been asking or a change.

"You have to rebrand," Jim Rodgers continued. "Some councils rebrand every couple of years, that is not us and not the case here, it was nine years ago since we introduced the 'B' brand and I believe we got value for money out of it".

Katy Best, marketing director at Belfast City Airport said the council had spent 18 months developing the design and had included a broad base of different organisations and stakeholders in the process including her own.

"It's easy to focus on the logo and design output," she said.

"For any city wanting to be a global player and wants to be competitive having a positioning and a narrative a platform that helps people right across the city express what makes the city special, that is important

"The end product has to be simple and flexible."

Belfast City Council said the process to come up with the logo was exhaustive using research, interviews and workshops to gather as much input as possible and "tell the Belfast story".

"There is a sense that the time is right to project Belfast with confidence, attitude, infectious enthusiasm and above all, energy," the council said.

"It is hoped that in the coming months and years, the new identity will establish itself as a recognisable brand for Belfast as the city competes on a global stage for visitors, investment, students, talent and attention," said a spokeswoman.

"Belfast City Council also believes that a strong city identity will be a powerful tool in delivering the city envisaged within its Belfast Agenda; the city’s first community plan with the aim of attracting more residents, more visitors, more jobs, more students and more vitality."

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