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New CCTV footage may hold key in quest to find Fenton

The distraught mother of missing Bangor man James Fenton hopes to confirm the latest reported sighting of her son and hopes it can shed light on his well being.

Today, Wednesday, July 28, will be the fifth time Janice Fenton and her sister Irene Agnew attend the local police station to view CCTV footage of a possible sighting since James disappeared from the Ulster Hospital just before midnight on July 2.

Mrs Fenton said: “We have been told that someone may have seen James in Bangor High Street around 6pm on Friday, July 9, and we really hope this time that it is him.

“All the other reported sightings so far have come to no avail, and any CCTV footage put forward to us has not been of him.

“This time, the person who said she saw him on the High Street has told police that she went to school with him. This is the first sighting reported where someone actually knew him to see. The CCTV footage we are to be shown today will be from a shop James was reported to have been seen coming out of.”

Mrs Fenton adds: “I just love him so much, it’s heartbreaking not knowing where he is and how he is. All I want to know is that he is safe and well.

“I haven’t seen him since I left him at the hospital three weeks ago.

“He left the hospital with just his slippers on and only had enough money to get a snack out of a hospital vending machine. He had my phone, which the police tracked to the Dundonald/Stormont area — but now the battery is dead and it can’t be located anymore.

“The police told me the last text message he sent was to his girlfriend letting her know he had ‘escaped’. Nothing else has been sent from the phone since and his girlfriend has spoken with police and told them she hasn’t seen him since he went missing. This is so out of character for him.

“I feel in my heart he has come back to Bangor and someone, somewhere is helping him. James, if you are reading this, please let me know you are okay, please come home.

You don’t have to go anywhere you don’t want to, I love you very much and really miss you.”

Irene Agnew has supported her sister throughout the ordeal. She said: “It’s heartbreaking not knowing where he is. It’s a mystery him just disappearing so quickly like that.

“We just hope we see him in this new CCTV footage — at least we will know he made his way from Dundonald to Bangor safely and is not on his own.”

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