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New drive launched against hate crime

By David Young

A reinvigorated campaign to encourage victims of hate crime to report their experiences has been launched in Belfast.

Unite Against Hate was relaunched after an upsurge in racist incidents in the city. Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon highlighted the services available to those targeted as she attended the launch at the Mac.

The campaign calls on all individuals, groups and communities to unite in stamping out hate crime.

It has received support from leading sporting organisations including the Irish Football Association, Ulster Rugby and the GAA as well as student bodies throughout Northern Ireland and a wide range of statutory and voluntary organisations.

"Belfast is becoming a more diverse city and a melting pot for many different cultures and ethnic groups – and is a richer place for it," said Ms Mallon.

"Belfast people are known for their warm welcome. Recent headlines are upsetting and certainly not representative of the majority of people living in the city."

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