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New drug disposal facilities in Kilcooley

By Michael Bashford

Two new drugs disposal facilities have been installed in Kilcooley, it has been confirmed.

The installation is part of an overall community-led anti-drugs project being operated by the police, Kilcooley Community Forum, and other local agencies.

It aims to provide a safe and anonymous disposal of illegal drugs and unwanted prescription medication.

The Kilcooley Education and Enforcement Programme with Substance Awareness For Everyone (KEEP SAFE) initiative was launched in January in a bid to address issues of drug abuse and drug dealing in the Kilcooley area.

Inspector Darrin Jones said: “Drug abuse and drug dealing affects a great number of communities across Northern Ireland.

“We have been working with Kilcooley Community Forum and a number of partner agencies to develop a sustainable, long-term programme of activity that will address key anti-social issues that are affecting the local community.”

KEEP SAFE member Mark Gordon, from Kilcooley Community Forum, said: “We welcome this multi-agency approach to try to tackle the perceived drug problem within this community.

“For too long drugs have marred and scarred both young people and adults and we believe this initiative will serve to raise awareness of the dangers and risks involved in experimenting with drugs and will also assist this community to become one voice against this scourge.”

Chairman of North Down District Policing Partnership Councillor Tony Hill said: “Through DPP consultation work in North Down, drugs was highlighted as a concern of the community.

“As Inspector Jones and Mark Gordon have highlighted, the drugs issue is no more prevalent in Kilcooley than other parts of Northern Ireland but it is positive that the local community are taking a proactive approach to keeping Kilcooley safe.”

The disposal units will be available from March 3-29 at Kilcooley Community Forum Office 9.30am-4pm (Mon- Thurs) and 9.30am-2pm (Fri). It will also be available at Kilcooley Community Centre from 9.30am-4pm (Mon- Fri).

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