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New DUP leader Arlene Foster shows her fun side as she jokes around on Q Radio and Cool Fm

By Claire Williamson

We're used to hearing her debating politics on the Stephen Nolan show - but the newly-crowned DUP leader Arlene Foster showed her fun side as she embarked on a series of interviews on commercial radio.

On Thursday night Arlene Foster made history as she was elected as first female party leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and will become Northern Ireland's First Minister in the coming weeks.

In an interview quite different in style to those with her predecessor, Mrs Foster called up Q Radio Breakfast and introduced herself as "Arlene from Fermanagh", asking if she was through to the snow line.

She then gave Stephen Clements and Cate Conway a weather update before they asked what she did for a job.

"I'm a politican. I used to be on Fermanagh District Council then I came up to the Assembly," she said, before finally revealing her surname.

Mrs Foster revealed she was a big fan of the show and said she had only phoned in to hear one of the their catchphrases - "see you later alligator... in a while snail" - which the hosts gladly did for her.

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The First Minister-in-waiting also had some fun on Cool Fm.

Breakfast presenter Peter Snodden asked "Have you been a good girl this year?"

She replied: "I've been a very good girl, but that's for others to judge."

She told of her excitement for the challenges ahead as First Minister, and urged young people to stay in Northern Ireland.

Mrs Foster then described how she will be having a "traditional Christmas" - and she'll be doing the cooking.

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