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New era as Education Authority starts work

Education in Northern Ireland has entered a new era today following the dissolution of the five education and library boards.

The system will be administered by a single Education Authority (EA). It has a £1.5bn budget, a total of 37,000 employees and will be responsible for educational administration such as transport, teacher support, building and catering.

The Council for Catholic Maintained Schools will remain outside the EA and will continue with its role as the employing authority for the 5,900 teachers within the Catholic sector. The EA has already been handed a budget cut of £10m, with fears staff will be made redundant.

Around 2,500 staff are transferring from the old boards and staff commission. This staff number has been reduced by 450 over the last few years in preparation for the change. It is understood that currently there are too many staff at the senior levels, but not enough at lower levels.

Interim Chief Executive Gavin Boyd said that today marked the "beginning of an exciting journey for education".

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