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New fuel marker to combat fuel fraud

The SDLP’s Dominic Bradley has welcomed the decision by the British and Irish governments to develop a marker to help fight against fuel fraud.

A Memorandum of Understanding between HM Revenue and Customs and the Republic’s Inland Revenue has been signed.

Mr Bradley said: “Millions in revenue is lost each year on the island of Ireland and further afield through illegal fuel laundering by removing chemical markers from low duty agricultural diesel.

“I welcome the fact that the Irish Revenue Commissioners and Customs and Revenue Commissioners in the North are to seek replacements for the current fiscal fuel markers.

“Smuggling is not a victimless crime and hurts legitimate businesses, as well as robbing monies from the public purse which could otherwise go towards important public services.

“Local councils here have been lumbered with huge bills for the clean-ups which must be carried out after the poisonous residue of fuel laundering is abandoned by roadsides in our most scenic areas.”

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