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New Game Of Thrones 'house' has a lot of bottle

By Staff Reporter

Game Of Thrones has added a new 'house' to its cast of warring families.

House Stark, Lannister and Tyrell will now be joined by... House Harp.

With the sixth series of Game Of Thrones returning on Sunday, the Harp Angel has paid a visit to Belfast actor Ian Beattie, who plays the villainous knight Ser Meryn Trant.

With the Harp Angel as the head of newly-formed House Harp, set designers from the show have constructed a new throne using more than 600 Harp beer bottles. Beattie said: "My character Ser Meryn Trant was a horrible villain who did a lot of terrible things, so it's wonderful to be able to join House Harp, a house that celebrates all that is great and good about Northern Ireland.

"It's been a refreshing experience. "

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