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New graffiti on Black Mountain

By Rebecca Black

Graffiti returned to Black Mountain yesterday for the second time in a week.

It appeared within hours of Secretary of State Theresa Villiers announcing that there will be no review of the investigation into the Ballymurphy massacre or the bombing of La Mon.

Relatives of victims of both atrocities spoke out in fury earlier this week when their requests for new probes were turned down flat by Ms Villiers.

Eleven civilians died in the Ballymurphy area of west Belfast between August 9-11, 1971 in shootings carried out by the Parachute Regiment, while 12 people were killed and many more seriously injured on Feburary 17, 1978 when the IRA blew up La Mon hotel on the outskirts of east Belfast.

It is not known who erected this latest sign on Black Mountain, but it is assumed it is in reference to the fury over Ms Villier's refusal to grant new reviews.

Last week the tiny dissident republican group, the 1916 Societies, erected a sign at the same spot which read One Ireland, One Vote. It was a call for an all-island referendum on a united Ireland.

Previously signs have included Eriu Is Our Queen and End Internment.

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