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New Grove Street homes

East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton has welcomed the new development of 8 two bedroom three person and 9 five person three bedroom homes in Grove Street East.

“These 17 additional family homes to the East Belfast housing stock are extremely welcome and they will make a small contribution to meeting the demand for homes in the east of the city.

“The homes are being built by Trinity Housing and will become available in February 2011.

“I jump at these new homes and they will make a small dent in the waiting list. However, more needs to be done either to refurbish and upgrade existing blocked up houses and flats or preferably new build homes to meet the demand.

“The demand for now unaffordable private sector homes has practically come to a stand still.

“The private rental of homes and flats is growing at a rapid rate; with rapidly increasing rents reflecting the growing demand.

“Investment in public sector homes needs to be made as an investment in the future of the community.”

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