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New home sought for gentle giant George, who just loves belly rubs

By Laura Abernethy

A lovable St Bernard found abandoned three years ago is looking for a new home.

Gentle George was living as a stray and had been hit by a car when he was rescued by Crosskennan Lane animal sanctuary outside Antrim.

Lyn Friel, manager of Crosskennan, said: "He was brought to us as a welfare case and he was in terrible condition. He had been in an accident when we took him in, but nobody ever claimed him.

"He was very underweight and his coat was so caked in faeces that it had to all be clipped off.

"He had a severe skin infection, which was caused by lying in his own waste, and he was infested with fleas and lice. His ears were also filthy and badly infected.

"He had an infected wound on his face that had to be operated on and he also needed surgery on his eyes as he had a condition called entropion, which causes excess skin on the eye and can lead to painful conjunctivitis."

Despite his condition volunteers nursed George back to health and fell in love with the friendly St Bernard. A few months later they were delighted when he found a new family.

"It took us four or five months to get him back on his feet again," Lyn explained."We helped him get better and did some training with him, and then he went to his new home for further rehabilitation,"

Sadly, George's family's circumstances have since changed. His owners tried everything in a bid to keep him but they have been forced to put him up for adoption.

Lyn said: "This has been a massive decision for them to part with him but they are just not able to manage.

"We have explored every avenue, but nothing will work out in a suitable way for him."

George is good with children and other dogs, but is large.

Lyn added: "He absolutely adores children. He is a family dog and he takes part in all aspects of family life. He loves being in the middle of everything. He is a big dog to take for walks and he's very strong, but if anyone was willing to take him on, we could put in back-up training for him."

George's owner added: "George is an amazing gentle giant. He is house-trained, would love his belly rubs to last forever and loves a cuddle in bed. He loves getting groomed - he would lie for hours getting pampered. I have no time for George now due to work and other commitments.

"I hate having to do it, but for his sake he needs more time and attention than I can give."

Despite the condition that he originally arrived in, George is a healthy dog and is expected to lead a normal life.

  • If you can offer George a home, email or call 028 9446 5384

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