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New IRA admits responsibility for attempted murder of PSNI officer at Shandon Golf Club

The bomb under the officer’s car
The bomb under the officer’s car

Dissident republican group the New IRA has admitted responsibility for attempting to kill a high ranking PSNI officer with a car bomb in Belfast last week.

A bomb containing high powered plastic explosives was placed under the 55-year-old officer's car outside his home last Friday night.

It was discovered by a member of the public after the officer parked outside Shandon Golf Club the following morning.

The Irish News has reported that the New IRA said it was responsible for the attack in a statement to the newspaper.

The dissident republican group used a recognised code word and signed the statement T. O'Neill.

"The IRA claims responsibility for the recent under car booby trap.

"We are confident the device would have exploded if it was not for the level terrain it had travelled on," the statement added.

"We were unlucky this time but we only have to be lucky once."

Following the incident police launched a cross-border investigation.

Two get away cars used by the terrorists were set alight in the Ardoyne area in north Belfast.

Shandon Park Golf Club in east Belfast
Shandon Park Golf Club in east Belfast

The fire service were call at 1.48am last Saturday morning after reports that two cars were on fire at the back of homes at Etna Drive.

The police officer had completed his full round of golf before the device was spotted and the golf club evacuated.

PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton condemned the attack.

"My thoughts are with the officer and their family. Those who carried out this despicable attack have nothing to offer Northern Ireland but a return to the pain and suffering of the past," he said.

The New IRA said it was responsible for the murder of journalist Lyra McKee in Londonderry in April.

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