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New job for Dolly the sheep pioneer

A professor whose company cloned Dolly the sheep is to join a leading medical technology business in Northern Ireland.

Professor Simon Best headed the Scottish university centre which produced the animal, the first mammal to come from an adult cell, in 1996.

Dolly went on to become arguably the world's most famous sheep and represented a major research breakthrough.

Prof Best has joined the board of Path XL, a Belfast company which uses technology to speed up the diagnosis and selection of therapies for patients.

Chief executive Des Speed said: "We are really delighted to welcome someone of Simon's stature, with over 27 years' experience in the healthcare, food and agriculture, chemicals and industrial biotechnology sectors, to the PathXL board."

Prof Best was responsible as chief executive at Roslin Biomed for the commercialisation of the technology used to create Dolly the sheep.

He has helped raise more than £170 million in 15 years for firms which scientifically study living organisms.

"I am delighted to be joining the board of such an exciting young company," he said.

"PathXL is at the leading-edge of digital pathology which is a 'hot' field whose time has definitely come.

"The company is poised to speed up the diagnosis and selection of targeted therapies for patients, thereby generating very substantial financial returns to its investors."


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