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New marking system facts

Q: England has introduced a 9-1 grading system, will this happen in Northern Ireland?

A: There will be a mixture of grading in Northern Ireland. CCEA, Northern Ireland's local awarding organisation, will retain the traditional letter grading of A* to G. About 3% of students will have received a numerical 9-1 grade. The 9-1 grading is only applicable for qualifications offered by the English based Awarding Organisations (AO) -AQA, OCR, Pearson and Eduqas

Q: Is the 9-1 grading for all English AO qualifications?

A: This year the 9-1 was only used for GCSE mathematics and GCSE English literature.

Q: Will CCEA's grading change?

A: There is no plan to change CCEA GCSE grading to number grading. We will continue to use the letter grading A*-G. In 2019, the A* Grade will be aligned to the 9 Grade used in England. This will make it harder for learners to achieve the A* Grade. We will also introduce a C*, which will be aligned to the 5 Grade used in England.

Q: Are the English-based AOs' 9-1 graded GCSEs tougher?

A: No. They do have more demanding subject content than the qualifications they replaced, but broadly the same proportion of students will achieve the 4 Grade as achieved the C Grade in previous qualifications. CCEA is also changing its GCSE qualifications. Students starting to study CCEA's new GCSEs this September will find that we have also changed the subject content. Broadly, the same number of students will get a C Grade as they did in the previous qualification. However, it will be harder to get an A*.

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