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New prostate cancer treatment to be tested by Belfast and London experts

Researchers from Belfast and London have joined forces to test a new treatment for prostate cancer.

They will examine whether the therapy aimed at men who do not respond well to existing care is safe.

Experts from Queen's University Belfast and the Institute of Cancer Research in London have received a grant of over £819,000 from Prostate Cancer UK for the testing.

Professor David Waugh said: "Men with a fault in the PTEN gene often don't respond well to current treatments for advanced prostate cancer.

"We are hopeful that our new treatment could help this group of men, giving them precious extra time with their family.

"Every man and every cancer is different, meaning that every man responds differently to treatments. Finding the right drug, for the right man at the right time is vital.

"Through our work we hope to not only develop a new treatment for men, but also pinpoint those men who are most likely to benefit from it."


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