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New recycling centre opens

Bangor's new recycling centre has opened on Balloo Avenue.

The new facility replaces the old site on Rathgael Road and promises an “easier and cleaner recycling experience”.

Council say the new centre is different to its predecessor at Rathgael (and most other civic amenity sites in Northern Ireland) in two main ways:

  • it is a semi-circular drive-through with a one-way flow of traffic; and
  • it has five covered bays where you can park your car and then easily and safely dispose of general waste or recycle a range of materials.

After a preview visit to the centre last week, Mayor of North Down Leslie Cree said: “Council is delighted to be opening this new and exciting facility. There have been delays in the construction schedule but we are pleased that the centre will be open in time for the summer holidays.

“Upon visiting the centre I was immediately struck by the innovative design — it certainly does not look like a traditional amenity site.

“It offers facilities to recycle a wider range of goods than we have been used to, including tetra packs (waxed drinks cartons), something I know many people in the borough will be pleased about the fact that you can stop at one bay and dispose of both general waste and goods for recycling, rather than having to walk from one section of the site to another, will certainly help to reduce the amount of time people need to spend at the centre.”

North Down chief executive Trevor Polley said the council was committed to reaching recycling targets.

“We believe this new facility will help us to achieve these goals as it will make it easier for residents to recycle,” he said.

As at Rathgael, the new household recycling centre is a strictly no-smoking area. The site is not licensed to take asbestos, nor will tyres or gas cylinders be accepted.

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