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New report turns up heat on Northern Ireland's energy wasters

By Claire McNeilly

Northern Ireland homeowners squander almost eight hours of heating every week, making it the second most wasteful region of the UK.

A survey also found more people here avail of their central heating in October compared to elsewhere.

The results show that a staggering £2.2bn is wasted annually by householders, with more than half having admitted to heating their properties when they are out.

Jenny Truman from Direct Line, which conducted the study, said people here waste on average 7.8 hours heating their homes every week.

"With 42% of people in Northern Ireland admitting to leaving the heating on by accident, it could be that simple forgetfulness is the main cause behind the waste," she said.

Direct Line said that with an average annual heating bill of £747, turning off the heating when not needed could save a household £82.52.

People in London waste most energy - nine hours of heating each week, with Northern Ireland second on seven hours and 48 minutes.

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