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New roadside penalties for buses and lorries

Fixed penalties have been brought in for goods drivers and bus drivers who break the law.

Under new rules introduced by Environment Minister Alex Attwood, Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) officers can issue a range of penalties at the roadside for offences such as driving for too many hours, mechanical defects and overloading.

Penalties will range from £30 to £200. Enforcement officers will also have the authority to issue fixed penalties for a range of other offences in relation to goods and passenger vehicle operator licensing, vehicle prohibitions, certificates of professional competence, drivers’ records and taxi offences.

“It is very important that we make the roads as safe as possible for everybody,” Mr Attwood said. “Graduated fixed penalties are a measured and necessary response to keep our roads safe and protect the interests of legitimate operators. Lorry drivers driving longer than the requisite hours, for example, pose a danger to other road users.”

The penalties are part of a major drive to change the behaviour of non-compliant drivers and operators. They will be taken into account when the DVA is considering whether to suspend or revoke an operator’s licence if there is a record of offences on issues such as roadworthiness or overloading.

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