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New trains begin essential tests

Trains travelling at up to 90mph will soon be ripping round Northern Ireland's rail network at all hours of the day and night.

It’s all part of testing the plush new Class 4000 fleet that has just arrived in Northern Ireland from Spain.

Translink is launching a public safety campaign to alert people to the dangers posed during the testing period.

General manager for rail services Mal McGreevy said: "Safety is always a top priority and we want to complete this rigorous testing to ensure our new trains are as safe as possible.

"Before entering public service, each train will be subject to extensive testing and essential safety checks. The testing phase comprises of three stages — static testing, on-track testing and fault-free running.

"After an initial period of static testing, the trains will undergo a period of rigorous on-track testing."

"With this on-track testing due to commence at the end of March, we are appealing to the wider community to stay extra vigilant and to always follow safety instructions as our new Class 4000 trains will be operating continuously day and night across the network at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour.

"In addition to the above tests, the trains will also undergo a period of fault-free running in which each train must complete 2,000 miles without problem before we will accept the unit into passenger service. This phase will also monitor safety, performance and comfort levels as well as facilitating a comprehensive employee training programme.

"Pending the success of this testing phase, trains will be introduced gradually to service as each train is approved."

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