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New York mayor De Blasio declares March 17 'Gerry Adams Day'

Sinn Fein's former leader Gerry Adams has been honoured at a St Patrick's Day breakfast event hosted by the mayor of New York on Saturday.

Mayor Bill De Blasio paid tribute to Adam's contribution to the peace process in Northern Ireland. He commended the Irish republican politician's recognition of "power of peace" and named March 17, 2018 as Gerry Adams Day.

The event was also attended by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

According to the, the mayor said that Adams "did not accept injustice and he fought against it."

De Blasio said: "He understood there was no place in this world anymore for colonialism and he fought against it... great ideas never die.

"I want to honour him for pursuit of a goal that makes so much sense - a goal for a United Ireland."

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