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Newlyweds' matching tattoos prove love is more than skin deep

By Erinn Kerr

A couple who were married on Friday the 13th have marked their quirky wedding day with matching '13' tattoos.

The date might be unlucky for some, but not for young romantics Craig and Alice McCullough, who chose the date for their quirky wedding.

Determined to make their day as memorable as possible, the newlyweds stopped off en route to their reception to have a permanent reminder of their nuptials inked on their skin.

Craig (25) and Alice (22), both got '13' tattoos on their ankles just hours after they said their vows.

Craig, who is from Ballymena, chose Roman numerals, while Alice, from Bangor, had her 13 tattooed to look like a cat.

Brian Tipping, from Bangor's Eye Candy Tattoo Studio, told the Belfast Telegraph that the pair left "smiling and laughing" after being tattooed by himself and business partner Neil Dickson.

"I've never tattooed anyone on their wedding day before, so it was a first for me too," Brian said.

"It was very cool of them to come in, especially Alice who looked stunning in her dress."

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