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Newry bakery fined over short weight bread

A Newry bakery has been fined £525 for selling short weight bread.

Sunray (Home Bakeries) Limited pleaded guilty to 21 charges after trading standards investigators inspected following a complaint.

Last August a concerned consumer contacted the Consumerline help service alleging short weight cornbread had been packed by the manufacturer.

When a trading standards officer investigated he visited several large food retailers in the Newry area and discovered "serious weight deficiencies" in a wide range of different breads produced by the firm.

The company had failed to comply with its legal duty to carry out weight checks and to keep records.

A spokesman for the Trading Standards Service said: "It is vital that consumers can rely on packers to ensure that packages they make up for sale are the correct weight.

"There are rules that the packer must legally abide by and it is an offence for them not to do so.

"In simple terms consumers should get what they pay for."


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