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Newry teens and charity in night out 'stay safe' campaign

By Sarah Tawton

A group of young people based in Newry have launched a campaign encouraging their peers to stay safe on a night out.

The friends decided to act after one of their friends had her drink spiked and another suffered an unprovoked attack after he became separated from his companions.

They have teamed up with the charity Fixers to create posters which will be displayed in the toilets of bars and clubs across the city in a bid to help young people stay safe.

Fixers is a national charity which helps 16 to 25-year-olds tackle any issue that matters to them.

Group member Claire Doran (22) witnessed a friend being rushed to hospital after her drink was spiked.

Claire said: "If we can reach out to one or two young people through our posters, we'll have made a difference.

"Hopefully it will make a difference to their friends as well."

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