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News just in...470,000 people are reading the Belfast Telegraph in print and online

Readership survey highlights growth

The Belfast Telegraph's continuing success as an expanding multi-media news and information service is backed up by new figures.

The newspaper and its online service have recorded record figures, according to the findings of the industry-recognised TGI survey which looks at the readership habits of people in Northern Ireland.

In any one week a total of 470,000 people will either read the newspaper or go online to to get their news from their favourite local source. That figure is up from 435,000 last year.

The figure for the newspaper alone is 450,000, or 30.7% of the adult population – putting the Belfast Telegraph way ahead of its nearest competitors.

The newspaper's weekly readership figures also reveal the paper once again to be THE truly cross-community, indigenous newspaper of Northern Ireland while the Irish News and News Letter appeal largely to one community or the other.

The newspaper's Saturday edition, which includes its award-winning Weekend Magazine, continues to grow with a readership of 163,0001, up from 138,0002 last year.

In further good news last month Belfast recorded its highest totals for page impressions and direct visits in its 16-year history.

July stats recorded 16 million page impressions and 950,000 direct visits with total monthly unique users standing at 2 million – the third highest on record.

Editor Mike Gilson said: "Many years ago we unashamedly adopted a multi-media strategy while some of our rivals dithered and this is paying dividends. But, of course, we have never neglected our newspaper, which is the current Northern Ireland Newspaper of the Year.

"Our readers are intelligent, aspirational and want what we want – to see Northern Ireland moving forward. We will continue to serve them in any way they want with intelligent, questioning and compelling journalism."


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