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Newton slams BNP insults

A BNP supporter has delivered a foul-mouthed rant to an east Belfast MLA after he hit out at their appearance at Glentoran’s ground last weekend.

DUP MLA Robin Newton received the message on Monday — just days after the far-right party came under fire for going on a recruitment drive at the Oval.

Mr Newton had accused the party of trying to “raise their nauseous profile”.

In an email in response to his criticism, a BNP follower insulted Mr Newton’s appearance before delivering what seems like an attack on the unionist community.

“I find it hysterical that someone, such as yourself, is hypocritical enough to call the BNP ‘nauseous',” the message said.

“They're not the interbred cretins, marching around in silly orange bibs, living in the past.”

Mr Newton said a number of constituents were disgusted at the presence of the BNP outside the ground. “They go to the Oval to support the Glens and enjoy a game of football; they don’t want to be faced with BNP messages of hate. They have been rejected time and time again, they represent no-one, and we don’t want them in our midst.”

Councillor Mervyn Jones was disgusted that the BNP were trying to canvass support for their “sickening views", adding: “Inside the ground... everyone I spoke to was opposed to the presence of the BNP, which might be considered the only positive thing to come from this disgusting episode.”

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