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Newtownabbey mum Lauren scoops £100k scratchcard jackpot

By Joanne Fleming

A part-time coffee shop worker scooped the deal of the day on Black Friday with a whopping £100,000 win on a scratchcard.

Lauren McLarnon (23) hit the jackpot when she stopped hunting for bargains and bought the Lotto scratchcard on a whim.

The Newtownabbey mum-of-one, who is expecting a baby next year, is now looking forward to an extra special Christmas and taking excited son Christopher to Disney World.

"I hadn't actually left the house for a few weeks," said Lauren.

"I couldn't be bothered because I was pregnant, but I thought because it was Black Friday I would.

"I had just got to Abbeycentre and got something to eat when I bought it. I had not had a proper look at anything else.

"After rummaging around in my purse I managed to cobble £1 together in small change and bought the £100,000 Rainbow scratchcard. I very rarely buy scratchcards so I never in a million years expected to win."

After revealing the matching three amounts Lauren said she couldn't believe what she was seeing and asked her friend Steven to double-check the scratchcard, just in case.

"I was just standing there in shock," she said. "He said: 'What's wrong, have you won something?' He then started jumping up and down.

"I just kept thinking it was a mistake and that I was seeing things. So I asked the lady who works behind the counter in Eason's to double-check it.

"She just sort of reached over the counter, grabbed me and hugged me.

"After they hugged and congratulated me, we all started jumping up and down. I finally realised that, yes, it was true. I just won £100,000."

Lauren added: "It means everything to me. I never thought anything like that would happen to me."

Lauren, who has worked in O'Brien's sandwich bar in the Abbeycentre since the age of 16, said staff there were also thrilled about her win.

Delighted friends and family, including partner Michael Mullen (25), took a bit of convincing initially that she was a winner, but three-year-old Christopher wasted no time celebrating.

"He doesn't really understand but when I started jumping up and down saying 'Christopher, we are going to Disney World!', he said: "Mummy, can we go now?"

"As I'm pregnant it'll have to be Disneyland Paris - but I'm sure he won't mind."

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