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Newtownabbey residents' fears over plans for pig farm

By Colin O'Carroll

The Green Party has hit out at plans for a huge pig farm on the outskirts of Belfast.

Planning permission is being sought for the farm in Newtownabbey that will house up to 30,000 pigs.

Greens leader Steven Agnew said: "I have been made aware of the plans to build a massive pig farm in Newtownabbey by the concerns of local residents, who I plan to meet as a matter of urgency.

"Clearly they have concerns over smell and noise. I also have concerns over potential pollution given the amount of effluent that 30,000 pigs will produce.

"This is mass production on an industrial scale and I would like to know more about how the welfare of the pigs will be met, particularly as the farm will have a high level of mechanisation.

"Just because a livestock production enterprise meets some unclear welfare standards does not make it right.

"Indeed it could be described as a factory rather than a farm, with the pigs reduced to mere units of production in a drive to cut costs and maximise profit."

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