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NHS boss warns 'taps aff' culture may have to end

A senior NHS health director has warned the "taps aff" culture will have to end if longer periods of sunshine are to be expected in the future.

Professor Jason Leitch issued the warning amid the ongoing hot weather being experienced across the UK, and specifically in his jurisdiction of Scotland.

He said the 'taps aff' culture was particularly prevalent in the west of Scotland.

Speaking to the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme, Prof Leitch said: "We don't want to be the killjoy national health service telling everybody not to do anything, but maybe as you walk around Glasgow the 'taps aff' culture might not be something that we should encourage too much.

"As soon as the sun comes out we wear shorts, no tops and flip-flops - we might have to reconsider that if we're going to have consistent hot weather over the next few years."

He also said there were health benefits to the better weather but that people had to be cautious.

'Taps aff' is an expression common across Northern Ireland and Scotland, and is a counterpoint to 'taps oan' weather - associated with cooler conditions.

Temperatures in Northern Ireland this summer have soared into the high twenties, with the warmest June in more than 150 years.

While the public have enjoyed the hotter spell, it has created a spike in hospital admissions for people receiving treatment for sun burn, with it reported earlier this month more than 200 individuals had presented to hospital since the start of the heatwave.

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