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NI summer duller and wetter than the average

Northern Ireland's summer was mild, but duller and wetter than average, weather experts have said.

Armagh Observatory reported that August at Armagh was slightly cooler than usual, with near-average rainfall and sunshine.

Several days saw heavy, thundery showers, with August 22 the wettest day. Some 22.5 mm (approximately 0.9 inches) of rainfall was recorded. This was also the day that heavy showers hit Tyrone and Londonderry.

The mean temperature was 15.1C (59.2F) - around 0.5C warmer than the long-term average August temperature at Armagh.

The average summer temperature was approximately 0.2C warmer than the most recent 30-year summer average.

Total rainfall was nearly 21% greater than the corresponding most recent 30-year summer average.

After a dry autumn, winter and spring, this was the wettest summer at Armagh since 2012.

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