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NI Water: Carrickfergus 'cloudy water' not connected to Infrastrata work at Woodburn site

Northern Ireland Water has said that cloudy tap water in the Carrickfergus area is not connected to ongoing work by Infrastrata at the nearby Woodburn site.

Some residents had complained about the issue and posted photographs on social media.

The company said that water can become cloudy if there has been an interruption to the water supply, as was the case on Thursday when essential maintenance was carried out in the area. 

A statement said: "NI Water can assure customers that water quality issues experienced by some customers in the Carrickfergus area today (Friday 29 April) are not in any way associated with the ongoing work by Infrastrata at the Woodburn site. NI Water prioritises the safety of public drinking water.

"In February NI Water introduced a series of measures to ensure that water from the catchment area of the drill site does not enter the public water supply whist exploratory works are ongoing. 

"Furthermore, NI Water has introduced an extensive water quality monitoring programme in the area to ensure that the highest levels of water quality are maintained and to provide reassurance to members of the public."

The company said that anyone experiencing problems with their water can telephone the Waterline number on 03457 440088 for advice and to arrange a visit by an NI Water technician if necessary.

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