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NI Water to remove flags put up illegally on top of tower

Flags erected on the top of a water tower in Rathfriland
Flags erected on the top of a water tower in Rathfriland
Mark Edwards

By Mark Edwards

Police are investigating after a water tower in Co Down was broken into and Union and Ulster flags were erected on top of it.

NI Water, which owns the tower, confirmed the break-in has been reported to the PSNI after the flags were put up without permission.

It is believed the outer wall of the Rathfriland facility was scaled and the strengthened lock to the tower's inner steel access door was cut open.

NI Water said specialist equipment would have been required to carry this out.

A spokesperson for the provider said: "NI Water is liaising with the PSNI.

"We are also organising for repairs to the door to take place and the safe removal of the flags.

"NI Water is willing to engage with local political and community representatives in relation to this issue."

A PSNI spokesperson said police received a report of flags being erected and damage being caused to a water tower in the Rathfriland area and said inquiries are ongoing.

Sinn Fein MP Chris Hazzard said: "NI Water have questions to answer about how this was allowed to happen and I will be raising those questions directly with senior management."

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