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NI will lose financially if we leave EU: McGuinness

By Lesley-Anne McKeown

Westminster has made no commitment to replacing European funding allocated to Northern Ireland, the Deputy First Minister has said.

Martin McGuinness said he did not believe the Conservative Government would prioritise Northern Ireland if the UK voted to leave the European Union.

He told Assembly members: "The First Minister and I have not been given any assurance whatsoever. And, even if we had, I would not trust it for one minute."

The veteran Sinn Fein man said the Tories had been "ruthless" when dealing with the block grant and were wedded to austerity.

"I have absolutely no faith that where money is lost this will be returned to us by a British Government which is totally and absolutely committed to austerity," he said.

The DUP's Edwin Poots said exiting Europe would provide more powers for the devolved institutions. "Instead of having unelected commissioners we would have a far greater level of democracy," he said.

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