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No bail for 'bully' Alexander Pierce Cassells accused of assaulting father

A Co Tyrone man described as a
A Co Tyrone man described as a "bully who rules the roost" has been refused bail after breaching the terms of his bail

By Staff Reporter

A Co Tyrone man described as a "bully who rules the roost" has been refused bail after breaching the terms of his bail.

Alexander Pierce Cassells, who is charged with assaulting his father and brother, failed to appear in court and was detained after a second report of his explosive behaviour was made to police.

Described by a judge as "a bully who rules the roost", the accused was found in the same house with the same alleged victims, one of whom rang police repeatedly, begging them to hurry to the scene, the court heard.

Cassells (28), from Spout Road in Fivemiletown, is accused of assaulting his father and brother, who is a child, on February 8.

He first appeared at Dungannon Magistrates Court on March 7, where both charges were denied. The case was adjourned to have a date fixed for a contest with Cassells remanded on bail to reappear on March 23.

But he failed to do so and, on that day, District Judge John Meehan ridiculed the explanation put forward.

With Cassells in the dock, a police officer objected to bail, and outlined the details of arrest.

She explained two separate reports were received by police at around 1.15am on April 20. Both described an ongoing incident at the Fivemiletown residence.

One of the callers was the accused's father, who was so distressed he rang police several times, pleading with them to come quickly, due to the aggression Cassells was exhibiting.

A passer-by heard the disturbance and contacted police out of concern for the occupants.

On arrival, officers discovered Cassells and it was ascertained he was subject to the outstanding warrant. He was arrested and brought to court, charged with breaching bail. The officer said it is accepted the father has made a withdrawal statement and the child did not make a complaint in the assaults case, but the prosecution was proceeding with the charges.

A defence solicitor argued bail could be granted and suggested an address in Sion Mills claiming this would remove his client from the Fivemiletown area.

Judge Meehan enquired why Cassells failed to appear in court, to which the defence said his client claimed he "turned up about 11.05am that day" but a member of staff told him the case had been adjourned, so he left.

While the judge slammed this as nonsense, and the lawyer confirmed he himself had been present that day but did not see his client, this excuse diverged from that put forward in court at the time. At that hearing the defence said as his client was not at court he phoned him, but the call was answered by Cassell's mother who claimed he was "in bed with 'flu".

With no medical evidence to support this and a history of breaching bail, Judge Meehan issued a bench warrant.

Judge Meehan said: "When I hear the details, then look to the previous record, I see a bully. He stands accused of coming home heavily drunk, then attacking his father and younger brother.

"The defendant is a man who rules the roost.

"I have a concern he believes he has a free pass to disregard court proceedings."

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