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No bail for Thatcher rioting accused


A Londonderry man has been refused bail on charges linked to disturbances in the city which police claimed had started after the death of Margaret Thatcher "dredged up old memories".

Caolan Hayden (20), from Ferndale Drive, is accused of five public order offences, four of them over a three-day period in April in the wake of the death of the former Prime Minister.

A prosecution lawyer told the High Court in Belfast yesterday that Hayden had aimed a firework at police during trouble in the Bogside area and he later resisted arrest but was granted bail.

However, the lawyer said Hayden was arrested again on July 20 after he was seen throwing a bottle at a PSNI Land Rover and he was heard shouting 'Up the 'RA' at the top of his voice.

A defence lawyer said that according to the PSNI the disturbances began after the death of Mrs Thatcher which had dredged up old memories in Derry.

But he added that Hayden was denying any involvement in the incidents.

Refusing to release Hayden, Mr Justice Maguire said the accused hadn't complied with his previous bail conditions.

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