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No mystery over who killed Millie, mother tells trial

By Michael Donnelly

The mother of a toddler allegedly murdered by her former partner has told a jury there is “no mystery” and that he was responsible.

On her second day of giving evidence at Dungannon Crown Court, Rachael Martin described her ex-boyfriend Barry McCarney as a “complete maniac”.

The 27-year-old mother told the jury she believed 33-year-old McCarney was responsible for the fatal attack on her 15-month-old daughter Millie.

McCarney, from Woodview Crescent, Trillick, denies murdering Millie in December 2009. He also denies physically and sexually abusing the little girl while he lived with her and her mother at their Glebe Park home in Enniskillen.

Millie died a day after she was admitted to the Erne Hospital with serious injuries, including a fatal head injury.

Martin, from Main Street, Kesh, denies wilfully neglecting the toddler and allowing the act which caused her death.

The mother was yesterday cross-examined by McCarney's defence QC Elis McDermott.

The defendant said she was “devastated” as her full trust in McCarney was “totally shattered” — and that it was “no mystery'' as to who killed her daughter .

Martin also accepted that during hours of police questioning, she never said “one critical thing” about her boyfriend.

The trial heard it was only after hearing of the injuries Millie suffered “that the penny began to drop” as to who she believed was responsible.

The trial had previously heard that Millie was rushed to hospital while Martin was out.

Ms McDermott suggested that “there could not have been a shadow of a doubt'' to Martin that Millie was attacked during the five minutes she had gone out.

Having heard what may have happened to the child, she and her family had decided they “had to keep him (McCarney) at the hospital” until police arrived.

Ms McDermott said if this were the situation, why then did she allow “this very dangerous person” to travel alone with her and her mother following Millie's transfer to a Belfast hospital. The lawyer pressed Martin as to why she “volunteered” to travel with a man “who was a maniac”.

Martin immediately cut in, declaring: “He is a complete maniac”.

Martin was also quizzed as to how, if everything she said was correct about McCarney being her daughter's killer, she had restrained her emotion “in not wanting to throttle” him.

The mother claimed she did not know how she even completed the journey to Belfast.

Earlier Martin smiled as she and the jury were shown more than 300 photographs of Millie.

The trial continues.

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