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'No progress' with negotiations over Libya compensation

By Lindsay Watling

There has been no progress on negotiations over compensation for victims of IRA terrorism sponsored by the former Gaddafi regime in Libya, the Foreign Secretary has said.

Philip Hammond said there was no government in Libya to talk to.

The matter was raised by DUP MP Nigel Dodds in the House of Commons yesterday. The North Belfast MP had asked for an update on the work of the advisers appointed by the Prime Minister.

Mr Hammond said: "I very much regret to have to tell you the reality on the ground in Libya is that there is no authority to engage with. For the moment I can report no progress on those measures.

"The urgent need now is to get a government of national unity created for the Libyan people to deal collectively with the threat to their society that is posed by the establishment of Isil cells in Libya.

"Once we have such an authority in place we will then of course re-engage with that agenda."

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