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No prosecution over schoolboy death

Two suspects in the killing of a schoolboy found dead on a railway track in Northern Ireland are not to be prosecuted.

The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) has told the family of 14-year-old Ryan Quinn there is insufficient evidence to bring a case against the two individuals police believe were responsible for his death.

The teenager was run over by a train two years ago on a line adjacent to a bar in the seaside town of Portrush. He had been assaulted in McLaughlins Bar only minutes earlier and police believe he was chased on to the tracks.

While detectives recommended that manslaughter charges be taken against the two suspects, they have been unable to prove how the pupil at St Joseph's College, Coleraine, came to be lying on the line when the train hit him.

Ryan's mother Lisa Kinnaird expressed regret at the PPS's decision but said she understood that the standard of proof necessary to achieve a successful prosecution is high.

She also appealed to the witnesses believed to have been in the car park of the bar at the time to come forward and help end her family's torment.

"Even if it's not for Ryan, or for the family, I ask them to do it to clear their own consciences," she said. "I don't know how they can live with themselves knowing or seeing what they have seen. Only then can we try to get some bit of a life back and get closure for Ryan, so we can rebuild our lives."

The PPS told the family that there is insufficient evidence on the movements of Ryan and the two reported suspects in the 10 minutes before his death.

"In the absence of direct evidence of any assault to Ryan shortly before he came to be on the railway line or whilst he was there, it is not considered that the remaining strands of evidence, taken as a whole, are sufficiently strong to provide a reasonable prospect of conviction," the PPS said in a letter to the family's lawyer Ernie Waterworth of McCartan, Turkington and Breen.

Moments before he died, Ryan made a desperate call to his father Ivan, Ms Kinnaird's ex-husband, from the railway line reportedly claiming he had been attacked in the bar and was being chased.


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