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No Smoking Day appeal to the public by Fire Service

By Janette Loughlin

Seven people in Northern Ireland were killed in house fires caused by smoking last year, the Fire Service has said.

Firefighters also attended 69 fires caused by smoking materials.

Speaking on No Smoking Day yesterday, Fire and Rescue Service Commander Kevin O'Neill said that while people knew smoking damaged health, they should also consider the fire risk.

"It is vital that smokers understand how dangerous smoking at home can be," he added.

"Unfortunately, our firefighters witness first-hand the damage caused by fires in the home started because of smoking materials.

"These types of fires can spread rapidly through a house. Property can be replaced, but a life cannot.

"Giving up is obviously the best way to reduce the risk of a smoking-related fire, however, we appreciate for some smokers kicking the habit can be tough.

"Therefore, I would remind them to be extra careful if they are smoking or disposing of smoking materials in their home."

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