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'No such place as the north of Ireland' - DUP leader Arlene Foster corrects Nolan contributor

By Jonny Bell

DUP leader and First Minister Arlene Foster has said there is 'no such place as the north of Ireland'.

She was responding to a contributor during Wednesday night's BBC Nolan Live EU referendum debate.

During the studio discussion a woman said she travelled from Dublin to take part to ask DUP MP Sammy Wilson a question.

She said: "I travelled across the border hassle free.

"I was looking at the DUP website and it says about moving the north of Ireland forward.

"Surely if we have a border that takes us straight back."

Within moments Arlene Foster took to Twitter to correct the woman.

"Just to be clear," she tweeted, "the DUP website nowhere refers to the north of Ireland.

She ended her tweet with #nosuchplace.

A number of people replied saying there was an actual north of Ireland, however, the First Minister was quick to reply saying in the context of the original comment, there was no such state.

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