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Nolan Live protester reveals reason why he travelled from London to storm BBC show

A shocked Stephen Nolan looks on as the protester who calls himself Dr AC Activism disrupted his show on Wednesday night
A shocked Stephen Nolan looks on as the protester who calls himself Dr AC Activism disrupted his show on Wednesday night
The protester who calls himself Dr AC Activism disrupted Nolan's show on Wednesday night
Donna Deeney

By Donna Deeney

The protester who struck fear into Stephen Nolan when he gatecrashed his TV show during a live broadcast is an anti-media conspiracy theorist going under the name Dr AC Activism.

Real name, Konstantin - the 30 year-old said his protest was part of his campaign against large media outlets across the world in what he described as their attempts to silence free thinkers like him.

He travelled to Belfast from his home in London to protest against Stephen Nolan.

Although he clearly startled the presenter, his protest was short lived as he was quickly silenced and escorted from the studio.

He later filmed himself ranting around parts of Belfast.

He did have an authentic ticket to be part of the studio audience and remained in his seat until he began his short protest before security staff escorted him out.

This is not the first time the man has had to be ejected from a television studio.

Two years ago he took his campaign of disruption to the studios of the New York Times and Fox Television where he was also evicted.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Dr AC Activism said: "I am an independent thinker and philosopher. Every time I try to challenge the ideas of the BBC, they call the police, they call the security and they silence my voice.

"How can they call themselves an independent media when they don't allow independent thinkers to express ideas?

"My rule of thinking and doing it is simple, I demand the freedom of ideas so the new generations won't become the scapegoat or human sacrifice like I have been for many, many years.

"My message to Stephen Nolan was simple, we demand a platform where we can express the freedom of ideas, the right to be heard, to be supported by the BBC and big media who control information.

"I am on a mission to disrupt UK media to raise awareness that they have become a dictator.

"I got a ticket with my full name, I entered the studio and I opened my A3 sheet of paper with my message 'we demand freedom of ideas, and the right of being heard and supported by big media'.

"Security didn't allow it. I put my piece of paper on the table of Stephen Nolan but the camera was focusing on them. They do everything to murder your voice, to challenge your voice.

"The people are controlled like sheep by the Big Media and they are listening to what they are being told but they are not being told the truth."

A BBC NI spokeswoman said: "All audience members attending studio programmes are required to provide current photo ID.

"This individual met our security requirements and the incident was dealt with swiftly."

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